About Mendy

One of the best parts of my job is seeing people's reactions when I share their pictures with them. Knowing that I have been able to give them a moment, a memory, something tangible, the satisfaction is immeasurable. My goal for each and every photo shoot is to capture the true essence of the person. That is what makes a photograph truly great, and something you will cherish for years to come. Part of that is ensuring the photo shoot is relaxed, enabling people to be themselves. It is only then that you see the real person. This is especially true with children; an environment that allows them to be children brings out their spirit.
When I look back at old photographs, of my childhood, my wedding day, my children as newborns and toddlers, I see people I hardly recognize. Family members who have since grown old or passed on, children who have changed with every season, details like the babyish shape of his cheeks or the curly locks of her hair that almost have already escaped my memory. I begin to reminisce of a time, not just a single moment during the click of a shutter, but a period in my life that exists in my memory but is only recollected by this photograph. To even let one year go by without capturing a piece of that unique time in your life could be sacrificing so many invaluable memories. Photography is my passion. I would love to help you preserve the moments and guarantee you those memories. Growing up in Central Florida, I developed a love for nature. Photographing people in natural settings, with natural light, makes for a picture that is warm and real. I utilize only the latest in digital technology, and also have a foundation in classical photography. Please contact me to discuss scheduling your event.